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Sugar Baby
Sugar Baby

হিসাবে গন্ডগোল | Gopal Bhar | Episode - 895

5,477,551 views 6 Nov 2022 #গোপালভর #GopalBhar #sonyaath Click here to Subscribe to SONY AATH Channel: / @sonyaath Click to watch all the episodes of Gopal Bhar - • Gopal Bhar Classi... Episode 895 - The Counting Mistake --------------------- Gopal gets into an argument with his wife Ginni while he is having his meal and steps out to have a bowl of Rassagullas. And he seems to enjoy his sweets. Gopal goes to check Bhola's cattle and figures out that there was a counting mistake and Bhola has more cows than he had realized. Stay tuned to learn more! Watch now! #GopalBhar #গোপালভর #sonyaath


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