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How to choose a platform bed with storage wisely

A platform bed is one of the furniture products loved by many consumers because of its delicate beauty and scientific and convenient design. Because the bed is the object that the family has the most contact with, it greatly affects human health. Therefore, we must choose a good bed model.

Why should you choose a platform bed with storage?

There are many different models and designs on the market today. But why do consumers receive the best platform bed platformbedexpert? Please continue to follow our sharing to know more about this bed!


A platform bed makes the space of your room more neat, airy, and comfortable. A bed model suitable for those who like neatness and neatness. Therefore, this is a practical solution for families with limited living space in apartments or houses.

Versatile, space-saving design

It can be said that using storage platform beds will be the best way for users to maximize bedroom space. A bed with drawers meets the function of use and storage, helping the family use their small room for other needs. This is one of the reasons why this modern bed has become the choice of many families.

Good price

Most of the furniture products with modern, unique, and convenient designs are quite expensive. However, a platform bed is an exception. An affordable and timely piece of furniture will be a great choice for your room!.

What should you take note of when choosing a platform bed with storage?

Here are 2 criteria you need to keep in mind when deciding to buy a platform bed. Hopefully, through this sharing, you can choose a high-quality bed suitable for your family space.

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Drawer design is difficult to escape air

We often find that some platform beds will still have some ventilation underneath. This design helps airflow, supporting good sleep as well as the health of the user.

However, nowadays, there are quite a few storage platform beds with a completely enclosed design, so the space under the bed is almost nonexistent. For this reason, users feel suffocated while sleeping; the airflow is not clear and affects health such as spine problems.

Drawers must be cleaned regularly

Since this is a bed with storage under the bed, we must regularly clean it. This helps the bed under the bed to have good air circulation, making the room airy and not stuffy. Besides, if we tend the storage regularly, we will avoid dust, and the drawers are not stuck. Because when we do not clean, dust will be the cause of bed bugs.

Platform bed with storage: Expert recommendations

When you have read through the information that we give, you are probably wondering which model to buy. We've tested and selected two of the best products available today, recommended by experts.

Novogratz Kelly Bed with Storage

If you want a low-priced a bed platform with high durability, the Novogratz Kelly is an option. With a bed frame weighing only 114 pounds, Kelly is quite suitable for small apartments.

DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather

A faux leather upholstered bed with a DHP button will make your bedroom more luxurious and modern. In addition, this type of bed is very easy to assemble and can be cleaned easily.

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Bottom line

Hopefully, it will help you make the best choice for your family's bedroom through the sharing of this versatile bed. If you need more detailed advice, leave a comment below to receive the fastest support!



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