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Support Detransitioners. Buy a T-shirt.

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Funds raised will go towards Mental Health Resources for Detransitioned People.

You may be wondering... How can I support Detrans Awareness? This t-shirt offers you the answer to that question.

First, by buying it, you are supporting mental health resources for individuals who have detransitioned. A group that is often marginalized and dismissed. Second, by wearing it, you are making it known to others that this is an issue in need of attention so that we can make a difference in getting Detransitioners the help that they need. And nothing will change if people stay in the dark. But third. Oh. my. God. Third. You are wearing the art of the most funky Detransitioner, articulate spokesperson, and v cool lady, Laura Becker. You can check out more about her at these internet locations: For truth-telling For awesome art

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1 Comment

Rachel F
Rachel F
Feb 19, 2022

Just want to say that I love this, but I was wondering if you could be more specific about how the funds raised will support mental health resources for detransitioners?

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